Eduvines Privacy Policy

Who we are

 Our website address is:

Eduvines maintains a policy of respecting the privacy of all our users regarding any information collected on this website. We advise all our users to read through our Privacy Policy in order to be informed on the data we collect while they access our products and services.

The Data We Collect

In the course of operating our website, we may collect the following data:

Identity: Users might be requested to provide details such as name, phone number, or email address for the sole purpose of identification.

Geographic Information: We also collect geographic information such as IP address and country of residence of users of our product and services to enable us evaluate the geographical spread of our contents.

Users’ Behavior: Data on the behavior of our users only while on our website are also collected. This data include; time spent on our webpage, number of clicks of articles and number of shares of our articles.

Other Data We Collect: We also collect data on the devices used to access our website (either mobile device or pc), the type of browsers of our users as well as the search engines used to access our website.

The Importance Of The Data We Collect

The data we collect from our users are useful to us in many ways. It helps us to ascertain our users’ preferences in the use of our products and services and enables us to tailor our contents to meet their respective needs.

We are also able to gather the performance details of our website in terms of geographical spread of our contents as well as the acceptability of our contents reflected by the number of visitors and users (traffic data) of our blog.

How we secure the information we collect:

Here at Eduvines, we highly regard the privacy of our users. We ensure that all personal data collected from our users are very secure and safe. To do this, we ensured that all data collected are encrypted under a highly secured platform using HTTPS. These data CANNOT be accessed by any unauthorized personnel. We also ensure that all data collected are not misused in any way.

Are Our Contents Restricted To Under-18 users?

There are NO age restrictions for all the products and services offered by our website. All contents are open and accessible for all users; children and adults.

Third party Service Utilization

Sometimes, we may refer our users to other websites using appropriate referral links. All our users are encouraged and advised to read through the privacy policy of every external website whilst using them.

We may also be required to share data with Google for the analysis of our website. This is the ONLY instance where we can share user data to a third-party.

However, these data are highly encrypted and secured and we try to ensure that there are no instances of breach in user personal data.

Users’ Right In Disclosure Of Information

No user of our website IS MANDATED to provide personal data before they can access our products and services. Users are allowed to maintain an anonymous status while utilizing our products and services. If there are any special instances where we require specific details from our users, it would be communicated with them.

Changes In Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to change without prior notice to our users. You are kindly advised to check this privacy policy for updates or any changes.

If you want to communicate any suggestions, enquiries or questions to us, CONTACT US.