Sort text documents alphabetically on MS-Word

How To Sort Text Documents Alphabetically on MS-Word

This article gives a clear pictorial illustration of easy ways to sort text documents alphabetically on MS Word. It also describes how to rearrange numbers and dates in either ascending or descending orders. This article comes with pictorial illustrations which makes it easier for you to learn and apply.

Many research students encounter challenges while compiling their research references. They often spend a lot of time trying to sort and rearrange their references alphabetically from the beginning of the list to the end.

Most of the time, they make errors which leads to more time spent on the research. Sorting text documents alphabetically on MS Word automatically makes the process of compiling academic references easier and stress-free.

You do not have to spend a lot of time rearranging your references manually but you can do it by entering a few commands into the MS Word software in order to run it for you automatically. Ensure to read this article to the end to learn how to do this easily.

Sorting Text Documents Alphabetically On MS-Word

To sort text documents alphabetically on MS Word either in ascending or descending order, the following steps should be followed:

  • Type in the text

text documents

  • Go to the menu bar and select sort as indicated below.



  • Select Paragraph and text and choose either ascending or descending depending on the order of arrangement you desire.

Select Sort

  • Click OK.

text documents alphabetically on MS-Word

Your text document will be rearranged accordingly in the selected order of arrangement. Numbers can also be sorted in any chosen order. This saves you the stress of having to look through each of the numbers and typing them out one after the other. To sort numbers, the following steps should be taken:

  • Type in the numbers
  • On the menu bar, select sort.
  • Select Paragraph and Numbers


  • Select the order of arrangement. Ascending refers to smaller numbers first before larger numbers while in descending order, larger numbers appear before smaller numbers
  • Select OK.

paragraph and numbers

  • Your rearranged numbers will be displayed.

rearranged numbers

You can also sort the dates. To do this, take all the steps as in above and select the paragraph and date instead. This will sort the dates accordingly.

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This article has clearly described how to sort text documents alphabetically on MS Word. It has also shown you how to apply the same to numbers and dates. Ensure to try it out yourself.

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