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How To Balance Your Business And Academics As A Student

Are you a student who is involved in any kind of business to raise money? Does your business affect your academic performance? If yes, then this article is for you. It will serve as a detailed guide to help you balance your business and academics while in school. Read to the end!

“You cannot serve two masters at a time…” I know those lines may be ringing a bell. Students are always advised to avoid any form of distractions in school and focus on the reason they left home for school.

What then happens to students when these distractions cannot be avoided because fees and dues have to be paid, and a lot of financial needs in school cannot be overlooked? Most students take up jobs or start-up businesses to help settle these needs.

There tends to always be a problem. Most of these business class students always face the challenge of balancing their academic and business life.

This article would focus on helping this set of students overcome this challenge.

Tips For Balancing Your Academics and Business

To balance your academics and business, you need to:

  • Have a positive mindset:

Joseph Taylor once said, “Your mindset determines how you perceive and connect to the world around you”. Our mindset controls a greater percentage of our actions and inactions. That is why it is important to have a positive mindset.

Russ Harris also said, “The mind enables us to shape the world around us and conform it to our wishes, to provide ourselves with warmth, shelter, food, water, protection, sanitation and medicine”.

To be a balanced business class student, then you need to change the impossibility mindset and start seeing possibilities in every situation. Your leap towards a balanced academic-business life starts from you believing that you can be outstanding in your academics and business too.

  • Set your academics and business priorities right:

As a business-class student, you need to understand your main purpose of being in school. You also need to understand that once you graduate from the high institution, you will not have the opportunity to go back and make up for any poor grades you have gathered while in school.

Hence, you need to be very committed to your studies. Be sensitive enough to know when to put a hold on business activities to attend to your academic work. Put in policies that your clients should be aware of, on how you run your business so that it doesn’t affect your academic work.

  • Avoid distractions:

 Distractions will always come, in form of unnecessary chit-chat, movies, extracurricular activities, or in any other form. You should bear in mind as a business class student that you do not have all the time in the world as opposed to your colleagues who are not in business.

It would be better to cut down on, or totally eliminate the not-so-necessary activities, so as to be able to save enough time for your business and academics.

  • Avoid procrastination:

In the words of Donald Gardner “Do you know what happens when you give a procrastinator a good idea? Nothing”.

Wayne Gretzky also had this to say on procrastination “Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy”.

As a business-class student, the last thing you want to give in to is procrastination. Instead of waiting to analyze on how to carry out that work, you should choose to be doing the work already. Procrastination is not an option.

  • Choose your friends with caution:

choose like-minded friends

“Birds of a feather fly together…” says a common cliché. When your friends are people with opposing goals and aspirations or who do not see sense in whatever you are doing, then it becomes a problem.

In your choice of friends as a business-class student, great attention should be paid to how they see the goals you are pursuing. Your friends should be people who share the same ideology as you.

They should be those who believe so much in you and your dreams and who can lift you up when you are in your lowest moments.

  • Do not just work hard, work smart in your academics and business:

Someone said, “Work hard and you will earn good rewards, work smart and you will earn great rewards, work hard and smart and you will earn extraordinary rewards”.

 It is not enough to just work hard, smart work is very necessary. Be smart enough to know how to manage your time, energy, and resources to gain extraordinary rewards.

  • Get an assistant when and where necessary:

Working smart can be applied to knowing when and where an assistant can come in. Instead of having to go make deliveries personally to your customers, you could employ the service of a dispatch rider.

Instead of having to reply to business chats or emails at hours, you should be studying, you could employ someone else who can ease you off that work. This will as well create more time for you to focus on your academics.

Is it possible to be an outstanding business class student? The answer is YES!!!

I am certain that you can now go ahead to run your business and academics concurrently. This article has given salient tips on how to combine the two endeavors to achieve success in both.

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