Uniuyo school fees

Uniuyo School Fees || How To Pay UNIUYO School Fees

This article gives a detailed guide to all undergraduate students on how to pay Uniuyo school fees for each academic semester or session. It comes with pictorial illustrations to aid easy navigation through the Uniuyo payment e-portal.

Every academic session, students are required to pay a specific amount to their tertiary institutions. This fee is charged on Utility, ICT, annual development levy, library, etc. In Uniuyo, students are required to pay the sum of Twenty thousand naira (# 20,000) every academic session for development levy. This fee is utilized by the university in developing modern facilities for the institution.

As a federal tertiary institution, Uniuyo school fees does not include any fee for tuition. In Nigeria, students in federal tertiary institution are not charged for tuition. However, as students are required to fulfill other fee obligations before they are allowed to register courses, this article is important to guide every undergraduate student on how to pay school fees.

Each step is detailed to give you a proper guide on how to pay Uniuyo school fees by yourself without having to pay any cyber operator. You can easily make payments with your Smartphone or internet connected laptops. Ensure to read this article to the end.

Steps To Pay Uniuyo School Fees

In order to pay your Uniuyo school fees for undergraduate programme, you have to take the following steps:

open uniuyo e-portals

  • Login to your student account using your registration number and pass code. Note that the pass code is case sensitive.

sign in

  • On your dashboard, go to the left hand corner and select pay school fees as indicated below. If you are using a Smartphone, it is best to change the view to desktop mode to see the menu easily.

select pay fees

  • Select the academic session and semester. In Uniuyo, you can elect to pay for either full session fee or full semester fees.
  • Click Full payment (if you want to pay for the two semesters at once) or First/second semester (if you want to pay for a semester).
  • Your Remita Retrival Reference (RRR) number will be displayed.
  • You can elect to print out this slip and proceed to any commercial bank to make payment or you can proceed to the secured Remita portal to complete your fee payment.
  • After making payment on remita, Log on to your student account.
  • Go to payment history and print e-receipt.

uniuyo school fees receipt

  • Ensure to take the e-receipt to your faculty’s bursar for authentication and validation. This should be done about three (3) days after making your Uniuyo school fees payment.
NOTE: Students are given a period of three (3) weeks after resumption to pay their Uniuyo school fees. After that, a penalty of two thousand naira (# 2, 000) is imposed for late payment. The period of payment with penalty is determined by the management but you must ensure that you make payment before the end of this period to avoid having to suspend studies for the academic semester or session.

If you follow all the steps in this account, you can successfully pay your Uniuyo school fees without enlisting the help of anybody. This ensures that your student account remains private and secured as nobody will get your pass code. It also ensures that you save up the #2,000 that you would have otherwise paid to the cyber operators.

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