How To Score Above 300 In Your UTME

Are you worried about low UTME scores? Do you intend to apply for a highly competitive course like Medicine, Law, and Pharmacy? Then you must really need to score above 300 in your jamb to be certain of admission.

It is the UTME season once again. As registrations for UTME 2022 are ongoing, adequate preparation is equally necessary to ensure success in your exams. Admissions into tertiary institutions are becoming extremely competitive and as such, you must apply the right preparation techniques to ensure success.

For those that intend to apply for highly competitive courses, it is equally very necessary to obtain high scores above 300. There is lesser admission quota available and usually a very high amount of applicants.

In order to stand a good chance, it is important to be on a safer side by obtaining high scores especially above 300.

This article is written especially for those who plan to sit for the exams this year, UTME 2022. At the end of this article, you will obtain the requisite strategies needed to score above 300 in Jamb this year. Ensure to read to the end and don’t forget to drop your questions or comments.

Things To Do To Score Above 300 In UTME                               

For many candidates, high jamb scores above 300 is almost impossible on one’s own except they are highly intelligent or they write the exams in a special centre. However, this is not true. An average student who applies the right technique can easily score above 300 in UTME without any sort of external help.

Thankfully, the management of JAMB has put in specific measures to curtail examination malpractice in almost all the examination centres in the country. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every student to put in their best efforts to ensure success in their UTME.

The following are things you must do to score above 300 in your JAMB this year:

Early Preparation:

Score above 300 in UTME

This is a very important factor. You must begin your preparations for the examinations very early. This will ensure that by the time the UTME comes around, you must have covered every single detail you need to. There is a saying that goes “Early preparation ensures best performance”.

You have to register for the examinations early and begin other necessary preparations that will be listed as you read further. This will ensure that you are not too anxious or worried by the time your examination date comes around.

There is an aura of confidence that early preparations give. You walk into the hall with the assurance that you have done every necessary thing on your own end, and the tension will be much lower for you than for someone that starts preparations a few weeks to the examination.

Develop a good reading timetable:

This is another major thing you must do. Before you begin reading proper, draw up a reading timetable so as to enable you cover all the courses. One mistake many UTME candidates do is to read haphazardly without any sort of reading discipline.

Studying only one subject for a long time without paying much attention to other subjects is strongly discouraged!

Every UTME candidate is expected to write four subjects. The subject combination depends on the course you are applying for. For instance, a candidate applying for Medicine and Surgery is expected to write English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Now, the study timetable should reflect a balance between these subjects every week. The subject which you encounter much difficulty is to be allocated greater reading time but other subjects must not be neglected too.

I highly recommend reading at least one subject a day. Depending on your schedule, you must squeeze out at least four (4) hours every day to prepare for your exams. This will help you cover most areas of the syllabus before the UTME comes around.

For one who intends to score above 300, it is important to read all listed texts in the JAMB brochure. Before every UTME exams each year, JAMB releases a brochure indicating recommended texts and the syllabus every candidate is expected to cover. This is to guide candidates in their preparations.

You are expected to cover all the topics listed in the syllabus for each subject. The recommended texts will help you to cover all the topics within the timeframe of the preparation. You could also get additional texts which will help you understand each subject properly.

Be discipline and Focused:

Reading demands discipline. If you must achieve success, then you must be discipline. Success is bought with the currency of hard work, and as such, you must put in your best. Discipline helps you sit at a place and cut off distractions whenever you are reading.

 When it is time for reading, you must curtail every form of distraction and pay utmost attention to what you are doing. Keep phones away, find a quiet study place and read well.

When you draw up a reading timetable, ensure to follow it diligently to ensure balanced preparations across all subjects.

Practice UTME Past Questions and CBT:

Practice UTME Past Questions and CBT

JAMB is known to repeat past questions every year. You have to buy comprehensive past questions compilation for each subject and read through the questions there. Try to answer the questions there on your own and evaluate yourself. This will help you very well as you prepare for the exams.

Also, download Computer Based Test (CBT) apps on your smartphone and prepare for the exams with it. Improve your speed and accuracy with each test you take. This will help you get into the right mindset needed to write the exams and score above 300.

Set Specific Targets:

You have to set targets as you prepare for your examination. Your target should be realistic and specific. This will enable you programme your mindset into working hard to meet such targets and goals.

You can have a target of 350+ in your exam. This will help you concentrate more on putting in the right amount of hard work.

Be confident in yourself:

On the day of the UTME, you need to shun every negative thought diminishing your confidence. As you have adequately prepared for the examinations, you have to be confident in your ability to deliver. This high self-esteem is the best mindset to have before sitting for the exams.

However, you must not be overconfident or proud. As the saying goes “pride goes before a fall”, you have to be calm and humble even in your confidence. It will help you to stay focused and motivated.

Shun Examination Malpractice:

Eliminate every thought of examination malpractice from your mind as you prepare for your UTME. This will reduce your self-confidence and it can lead to several disastrous consequences for you.

You can be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for examination malpractice. JAMB demands that you write your examination yourself without any sort of external help from anywhere.

Follow all instructions:

You must also follow all instructions you are given on the day of your exams. it makes no sense to be disobedient to the JAMB officials as it can induce reprimands which is not good for your exam mindset.

Read all instructions carefully and select the correct options to every question:

Before answering any questions, ensure to read all questions carefully. Be time conscious but do not rush through your questions. Your preparation is expected to give you an idea into the right amount of time to spend on each question; therefore, you do not have to spend too much time on each question.

Ensure that you select the correct option to each question. Every question is important, so do not joke with any. You must ensure to return to the skipped questions to provide answers before your time runs out.

Ensure to provide an answer to every question. There is no negative marking in UTME!

Submit carefully and be positive:

Before your time runs out, ensure to submit your exam. After providing the correct answers to all questions, submit and leave the hall. Be positive but do not brag nor boast. Just be humble and calm with your success after the examinations.

I am optimistic that if you apply all the tips in this article, you will meet your target of scoring above 300 in your UTME. I wish you good luck in your examinations.

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