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Uniuyo Student Transcript || How To Apply and Process Quickly

This article will serve as a detailed guide to every Uniuyo graduate on how to successfully apply for and process the Uniuyo student transcript. It contains step-by-step information on how to collect the transcript promptly. Ensure to read to the end.

Every year, many graduates apply for their academic transcripts. These are mainly used for graduate school applications (both to domestic and international institutions) and job applications. The academic transcript contains information on the class of degree a student graduated with and shows the courses a student took with the grades obtained for each of the courses.

Collecting transcripts in Nigerian tertiary institutions can be strenuous and time-consuming. This is due to many factors, such as:

  • Laggardness of administrative officers in the school’s records unit.
  • Students’ ignorance of the application procedure.
  • Demands of bribes by officials in charge of processing the transcripts.
  • Incomplete academic results were available to the school’s records unit.

Types Of Uniuyo Student Transcripts

At the University of Uyo, there are two (2) major types of transcripts you can apply for. They are:

Official Copy of Uniuyo Student Transcript: This transcript cannot be given to a student at hand. It is sent directly from the records unit in Uniuyo to where you want it to be sent. This official copy serves as the certified true copy of your academic qualifications. This copy is accepted as genuine in any organization because it is sent directly from the institution without any alteration.

The official copy of the Uniuyo student Transcript costs Ten Thousand Naira (#10 000) only, though additional charges may be incurred if it is to be sent outside the country. While applying for the Uniuyo student transcript, you only need to put in the address of the destination. Uniuyo will ensure it gets to the desired destination.

Students’ Personal Copy: This copy of the transcript is given personally to the student. It is also called the unofficial copy of the transcript. However, it can be accepted for graduate and scholarship applications and some job interviews.

However, the official Uniuyo student transcript is usually requested after admission, or employment is granted to confirm its accuracy further. The student’s personal copy of the Uniuyo student transcript is usually watermarked to indicate that it is not the official copy. This transcript costs Fifteen Thousand Naira (#15 000).

Step-By-Step Procedure For Applying For Uniuyo Student Transcript

You can obtain your Uniuyo student transcript in two (2) weeks if you follow all the steps in this article accordingly. The steps are:

  • Visit the uniuyo student eportals at uniuyo.edu.ng/eportals.
  • Select eBursary collect™ from the drop-down menu. If you use a mobile device, set your browser to desktop mode for the best browsing experience.

eBursary collect

  • Under the collection category, select “Student Related”.
  • Under the sub-category, Select Student Personal Academic Transcript for your student copy.

student personal copy

  • Select Transcript for the official copy of the Uniuyo student transcript.

official transcript

  • Fill in other details as required.
  • Click on “Make Payment Now”. Your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number will be displayed.
  • Proceed to remita platform to make your payment.
  • After making payment, Return to Uniuyo eportals and select eBursary collect™.
  • Select print e-receipt/invoice.
  • Enter your RRR number and print your e-receipt.

Print payment invoice

After making payments, you must apply to the Director of Academic Affairs to process your Uniuyo transcript. A sample of the letter is shown below.

uniuyo student transcript application letter

Furthermore, to apply, you must enclose a copy of your statement of result and your e-receipt in an office file and submit it at the administration building.

To process it fast, liaise with the officials at the director of the administration building to ensure your application is moved to the records unit. This usually takes a period of two (2) working days.

Once your application gets to the records unit, meet with the official(s) in charge of your faculty and liaise with them. This will enable them to process your Uniuyo transcript quickly.

This article has provided a detailed guide on the procedures for applying for your Uniuyo student transcript. You can go ahead and complete the processes outlined. Please use the comment box below if you have any questions or comments.

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    1. Dear Olufemi, you can make all payments for the transcripts online using the steps listed above. However, you can fast-track the processing of your transcript by reaching out to the official responsible for your faculty. May I ask, which faculty did you graduate from?

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  3. I graduated from Faculty of Arts. Pls I want to know, if all these processes are taken, will there be extra charge to send the students personal copy to me in Abuja?

      1. I graduated from DEPARTMENT of Biochemistry faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, how do I get the personal contact of the person in charge of my faculty? For speedy processing of my transcript

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    Also, how do I go about collecting my degree certificate at uniuyo?

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