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Requirements For Medicine And Surgery

Medicine and Surgery is one of the medical professional courses that a lot of prospective undergraduate students are usually excited about studying.  This is due to the kind of prestige that is attached to it. To some individuals, it erroneously remains the best course in university undergraduate programs.

Medicine and Surgery are highly competitive in every university in Nigeria. As a result, Universities place more emphasis and higher standards during the admission processes.

Before you proceed with an application for admission into medicine at any university, the first thing that you are expected to do is to search for the admission requirements for Medicine and Surgery for that particular institution. Good knowledge of this will give you a picture of how competitive the admission processes are going to be and will enable you to prepare more to stand a chance of being admitted.

A lot of JAMB candidates have been asking the question, “What are the requirements to study medicine and surgery?” That is the major reason why I have decided to publish this article here for the benefit of the general public. If you are one of those that have been asking this question, all you have to do is to read this post carefully to the end for better and more detailed information.

Requirements to Study Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria

If Studying medicine and surgery in any of the Nigerian universities has always been your dream and you have been searching for what it will take you to gain admission or you have made medicine you’re most preferred course of study in UTME, this section of the article will be very essential to you. The following are the major requirements for Medicine and Surgery :

  1. Aspirants of Medicine and Surgery must be science students
  2. Candidate must have obtained his/her O’level with at least credit passes in the English language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and physics.

Some universities may not accept a combination of results

  1. Candidate must apply through JAMB or Direct Entry
  2. The applicant should have at least 250 as a UTME score

JAMB Subject Combination for Medicine and Surgery

The following are the JAMB subject combination for studying Medicine and Surgery:

  1. English Language
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Biology

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Where you can Study Medicine and Surgery

Medicine and Surgery can be studied at any Nigerian University that is officially recognized by the National University Commission (NUC). One thing you should do before accepting to study the course at any university is to, first of all, check if the course is accredited for that academic year in the institution by the NUC

If you have all of the above requirements, it shows that you are eligible to study medicine and surgery in Nigeria. You should note that the conditions stated in this article can be adjusted depending on the decision of the institution you are applying to. However, the article gives you General and Standard Requirements to study Medicine and Surgery in Nigeria.

In case you have any other inquiries, please well make use of the comment section below.

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