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UNN Medicine and Surgery ||Admission Requirements & Cut-off

Thousands of applicants apply for admission to UNN medicine and surgery every year. This article provides detailed information on the basic admission requirements and cut-off marks for UNN Medicine and Surgery.

As a top-ranked university located in the southeastern region of Nigeria, the UNN medicine and surgery department is often regarded as the best medical school in the country. Our previous article gives detailed information on UNN medical school. Read it up here.

As it is a greatly desired institution, admission into UNN medicine and surgery is very competitive. As such, every prospective applicant needs to get detailed information on the admission requirements and cut-off marks in order to make adequate plans and preparations.

This article provides prospective applicants with all they need to know about the admission process, cut-off marks, and general admission requirements for UNN medicine and surgery. Ensure that you read to the end.

Admission Requirements For UNN Medicine And Surgery

There are two major routes by which a candidate can gain entry into the UNN medicine and surgery department. These two routes are:

  • The UTME Entry route
  • The Direct Entry (DE) route

UTME ENTRY                          

For an aspirant to get entry into UNN medical school, he/she must possess the following:

  • Five Credits in the O’Level results in core subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, and English Language are very important, as no candidate will be considered for admission without credits in these core subjects.
  • UTME results in the subject combinations of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Use of English. Any other subject combination besides these ones will disqualify an aspirant from admission.

Direct Entry Route

This is for people with previous A-level results or those with a bachelor’s degree from related introductory medical courses such as anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. To get entry through the DE route, an aspirant needs the following:

  • Five Credits in the O’Level results in core subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and English Language.
  • Good Advanced level (A-level) results in basic sciences or at least an upper credit (2:1) in Basic medical courses.

Cut-Off Marks For UNN Medicine And Surgery

Over 5,000 applicants apply for admission to UNN medicine and surgery every year. The department’s admission quota is usually 250-300 per year, making the admission process extremely competitive.

In UNN, there are four significant cut-off marks, and every applicant needs to be conversant with the general cut-off mark, the merit cut-off mark, the catchment state cut-off mark, and the ELDS cut-off mark.

The general cut-off mark is an aspirant’s minimum UTME score before applying for UNN post-UTME examinations. The general cut-off mark in the UNN medicine and surgery department is 200.

The merit cut-off mark is the minimum average mark a candidate is expected to get admission. This average is usually obtained by adding up the UTME and Post-UTME scores and dividing the sum by two. This cut-off mark differs yearly but is usually in the range of 310-322.

The catchment cut-off mark is considered after the merit cut-off mark. It is the cut-off mark given to candidates from states within the UNN catchment region. It usually includes candidates from Abia, Anambra, Imo, Enugu, and Ebonyi states. A few numbers of candidates are considered for the catchment list.

The ELDS cut-off mark is used to shortlist candidates from the country’s educationally less-privileged states.

For a prospective UTME applicant to get admission to the UNN medicine and surgery department, you must score very high in the UTME and post-UTME to stand a chance of making it into the very competitive admission merit list. Our previous article outlined tips for scoring above 300 in Jamb. Read it up here.

The competition is equally high for DE aspirants. In addition to a good CGPA from a related basic medical course, you must score 305+ to stand a good chance of admission.

NOTE: UNN Medicine and Surgery department DOES NOT publish official cut-off marks on the official portal. What we bring to you is the information we collect from insider sources in the department.

This article has described the admission requirements and various cut-off marks for the UNN medicine and surgery department. If you have further questions regarding the admission requirements, please post them in the comment box below.

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