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UNIZIK Results| How To Check Semester Results Online

This article serves as a detailed guide to help undergraduate students check UNIZIK results for every academic semester online. It is a must-read article for every undergraduate student at UNIZIK.

At the beginning of every academic semester, student results are released on the various departmental notice boards. However, UNIZIK has taken pragmatic steps in protecting the privacy of her undergraduate students about results by opting to upload them online.

This means that every undergraduate student can only access his/her results through the student E-Portal. As an undergraduate in UNIZIK, no one else has access to your semester results; not any staff or fellow students.

You will get a better record of your semester results and resolve any result issues that may come up in an easy and timely fashion. It is also easier for your examination officer to spot any incomplete or missing results you may have.

However, this innovation comes with slight challenges. It requires that every undergraduate student learns how to check UNIZIK results online by themselves. This article serves to meet that goal. It will guide you on the process involved in checking UNIZIK results online.

Steps In Checking UNIZIK Results Online

To access your semester results online, you have to take the following steps:

  • Log on to the UNIZIK student portal website at my.unizik.edu.ng
  • On the student login interface, input your username and password.

Student Login

  • Click on “my result”.

My results

  • Select the desired academic year and semester.
  • Click on Next.
  • A full display of the semester results will be shown.
NOTE: If you notice any inconsistencies or issues in your semester results, it is very important to report such problems to your examination officer. Also, ensure to follow it up accordingly to avoid unnecessary delays during graduation.

This article has clearly shown you how to check your UNIZIK results online. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please use the comment section below.

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