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How To Do Online Course Registration In Uniuyo

Are you an undergraduate student of UNIUYO? This article will serve as a detailed guide to help you register successfully for your courses online at UNIUYO.

At the University of Uyo, online course registration is COMPULSORY every academic semester. Any student who fails to register for his courses online will not have any assessment or result for that particular semester.

Therefore, every UNIUYO student must learn how to register for courses to avoid errors and issues concerning results, which can be very destabilizing.

If you read this article to the end, you will receive a detailed explanation of how to register for courses at UNIUYO.

What Is Online Course Registration?

Online Course registration is an integral exercise every UNIUYO student must complete each academic session. It is where a student selects the number of courses to offer in that particular semester.

It considers the course(s) a student failed in the previous academic session for which he must repeat.

Things To Note In UNIUYO Online Course Registration

Before you proceed to register for your courses in UNIUYO, you must note some important things. It would be best if you observed the following:

  • Download Your Course Clearance Form: This form is crucial before course registration can be done. It contains a list of all the courses a student is supposed to offer, including the repeat courses.
  • Examinations Officer Must Assent To The Courses To Be Registered: For students who have one or more repeat course(s), you must consult your Examinations officer to select the courses to offer. This will ensure that you clear off all outstanding courses and also select new courses within the maximum credit load.
  • Obtain A Course Registration Pin From Your Examination Officer: To curtail course registration issues that arise because students neglect to consult the examination officers before registration, UNIUYO redesigned its e-portals to ensure that pins must be obtained from a student’s examination officer. This gives the examination officer enough room to advise the student on the suitable courses to offer for that semester.
  • Be Mindful Of The Maximum Credit Load For The Semester: In UNIUYO, a student is not expected to exceed the maximum credit load every semester. The maximum credit load is 24CH, so all the courses to be registered MUST NOT exceed this limit.
  • Failure Risks Suspension Of Studies: Students who fail to register for their courses risk suspension of studies for that academic semester. A student may be forced to repeat the courses even if he writes and passes the exams. Hence, course registration is very crucial.

How To Register Courses?

To register for your courses online, take the following steps:

  • Visit the Uniuyo e-registration portal at uniuyo.edu.ng/eportals
  • Login with your registration number and passcode. Note that the passcode is case-sensitive.
  • If you use your mobile device, set your view to desktop mode.
  • Select ‘Register Courses’ under the menu.
  • Enter your course registration pin.
  • Select all the courses for that semester.
  • For students who are repeating a course(s), ensure to select all repeat courses first.
  • Click register to complete course registration.

This article clearly explains how to register for courses online at UNIUYO. You can now follow the above steps to complete your online registration.

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