Dark mode on MS-Word

How To Set Up Dark Mode On MS-Word

Do you feel uncomfortable from being over-exposed to the computer screen while working with MS Word? Do you enjoy the dark mode features that come with some mobile devices? This article will give you a detailed pictorial illustration of how you can set up dark mode on MS Word.

Working on MS Word for an extended period of time can be challenging at times due to the over-exposure of the eyes to the bright lights of computer screens. The light mode option often leads to eye strains and discomfort. Some people may even experience headaches or migraines from looking at brightly lighted screens for a long time.

For people who are accustomed to using their phones for long periods in dark mode, working with their PC in light mode can be especially difficult.

Several researchers have pointed out that dark mode has health benefits for maintaining good sight. Dark mode reduces eye strain and makes reading more manageable, especially when the lights are dim or unavailable.

Many people have indicated challenges with prolonged exposure of their eyes to light, especially while working with MS Word software. Hence, this article will give you a detailed guide to setting up your dark mode on MS Word without hiccups.

Setting Up Dark Mode On MS Word

To set up the feature of a dark mode on MS Word, the following steps should be followed:

  • On your Home screen, go to the file menu.

go to file on home menu

  • Select account

select account

  • Go to office theme and select either “dark grey” or “black.”

office theme

  • Return home.
  • Go to design and select page colour.

design and page colour

  • Select black colour and click ok.
  • The dark mode on MS Word immediately activates.

dark mode

NOTE: You can always reverse this to the initial format by taking the above steps and changing the colour to automatic. Also, note that this dark screen mode does not affect printing. When you want to print, the page colour remains white as it was initially.

You can now try out this lesson on your MS Word. This guide has saliently illustrated how to set up dark mode on MS Word.

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